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We were looking for accommodation in central Moscow for two nights before we had to fly back to Argentina. I have mentioned before that accommodation in Moscow is very expensive. When we arrived in the city three months earlier the prices were reasonable. However on our return it was high season and prices were beyond ridiculous.

We decided to use Airbnb again to find accommodation in Moscow. It worked well for us the first time and we didn`t have problems to share a house with the owner.

This time round we found a lady in Moscow who rented a room in her apartment. The photos looked too good to be true. A very modern apartment and even cheaper than the first room that we rented.

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For security purposes I am not giving out personal information about the owner or location of the apartment but people are welcome to email me and I will give you a link where you could get in contact with them.

When we arrived at the apartment it looked exactly like in the photos. It was super clean and her son welcomed us with a big smile. The kitchen is ultra modern and equipped with the latest technology including an electronic stove. I loved the design of the kitchen and it had a beautiful view of Moscow city. After I stayed here for two days I told my husband that I also wanted a kitchen like this inlcuding the design for pull out trash cans that was tucked a way neatly underneath one of the cupboard.

The shower was a treat and played music. We had full use of the facilities and Wi-Fi was included in the price. We could also use the washing machine to wash our clothes. The apartment is situated close to the Metro, Supermarkets and a shopping centre. We had a beautiful view of Moscow from the 15th floor.

The owners don`t speak English but they told us that they regularly have foreigners and they manage to communicate with Google translator.

We had a wonderful stay and I highly recommend this apartment if you are looking for accommodation in Moscow.

Where: Moscow, Russian Federation
When: 11 and 12 August 2012

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