Bourke’s Luck Potholes in Mpumalanga, South Africa

Within the Blyde River Canyon Nature Reserve are the Bourke’s Luck potholes. They were formed by river erosion and the action of the flood water.

Photo by Rudi van Staden

They were named after Thomas Bourke, who was involved in gold mining in the area. He named them “lucky” as he was convinced that the potholes would yield a large gold deposit. Although there was not much gold to be found in the potholes themselves, they did turn out to be quite lucky, as they were located right next to a huge gold deposit.

Today these potholes are a popular tourist attraction and many people visit them during the year. It is a beautiful place to stop over.

I visited the potholes many years ago when I was 16 with my family. We had a holiday in Graskop and my father took us there for the day. I still remember our time fondly and while I was writing this article it brought back a flood of memories.

Bourke`s Luck Potholes in Mpumalanga,South Africa

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  1. This is truly amazing. Another great learning experience complete with story, photo, and map.Away with the boring textbooks! I send my students here to learn more about the exciting world in which we live.

  2. Hi Nelieta, Kay and I were at Blyde River in August 2009. Got a few photos of that canyon. It's a very popular place for tourists and locals. Glad you revived the memories.

  3. When I visited South Africa in June last year, I had a look through our family album and saw the photos of our holiday. My brother and mom has since passed on and I remembered the good times we had on this holiday.Sometimes I wish I could turn the clock back 🙂

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