Buying a Metro ticket in Moscow

Believe it or not but you can buy tickets for the Metro in Moscow, without speaking a word of Russian. When we visited Russia I saw a group of American businessmen who wanted to buy tickets. They were speaking in English so obviously I understood what they were talking about. They had quite a dilemma on hand because nobody spoke Russian. In the end they nominated one person to go and buy the tickets.

The ladies at the ticket box or KACCA (Pronounced `KASSA`) are not very friendly. You have to be quick because the Moscow Metro is very busy. Poor guy. I watched him as he approached the window and to my surprise he did the easiest thing possible. He held up 10 fingers and she gave him 10 tickets! Done! Nothing complicated and I saw him smiling broadly as he joined his group of friends. How easy is that?

Fellow travelers, that is what you do in Moscow. Simply hold up the number of fingers for the number of rides you want. Put your money down and he/she will hand you the tickets. There is always a list of prices in the window by the cashier. You are handed a card which you will have to feed through the electronic machine when you want to access the platform.

Tip: Each passenger doesn`t need a card. If you are two people traveling buy one card for 10 rides for example. Each person will be able to travel for 5 rides.

Where: Moscow Metro

When: May and August 2012

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