Shoes in Thailand where to buy

Thailand Shoes,Buying shoes in Thailand Markets,MBK Shopping Center,Siam Shopping Centre,Shoes Bangkok,Shoes Koh Samui

Shoes in Thailand where is the best place to buy them?

I love shoes and Thailand is the perfect place to buy stylish and affordable shoes. I had a difficult time restraining myself from buying shoes. Finding the perfect shoes in Thailand is easy. The markets in Bangkok are stocked with a huge variety, styles,colors and designs. There is something for every shoe lover.

Thailand Shoes,Buying shoes in Thailand,MBK Shopping Center,Siam Shopping Centre,Shoes Bangkok,Shoes Koh Samui
Shoes….a girl`s best friend!

Prices vary depending on where you buy, how many pairs and the material that it is made from. Leather sandals in a touristy place will cost you anything between 600 and 1400 Baht. Sandals in the market will cost between 120 and 400 Baht.

Best place to buy shoes in Thailand.

The first place I would visit is the markets. There are many markets around Bangkok and they stay open until very late in the evenings. They have sandals,Thai Silk shoes,children shoes,sneakers,men`s shoes – you name it! We have visited the market in Khaosan Road, Siam Market and Patpong Market.

The other option is the famous MBK and Siam Shopping centers. These shopping centers are a shopper`s paradise where you can find anything and at very good prices. Maybe it is your lucky day and you walk in on a sale. The first and second floor has a large variety of leather shoes for men and women.

There are always little markets close to touristy places and they also sell shoes. Prices there are a lot more expensive than the markets for example. This will be my last resort or unless you see something that you really like and cannot find it anywhere else.

If you are traveling to Koh Samui and are looking for shoes then again I would suggest you go to the markets. We visited a couple of markets in the town Center and also close to the Lamai View point. I bought a pair of Havaianas for 150 Baht. I am sure they are fake but you cannot tell the difference. This is definitely a must buy when you are in Thailand as they are very comfortable.

In Koh Phangan you will also find small markets but I found that the stores are definitely worth browsing.

Give a girl the right shoes and she will conquer the world –Marilyn Monroe

Where: Thailand
When: March 2013

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