Camel riding in Egypt Giza Pyramids

Camel Riding in Egypt, Camel Riding, Riding a camel, Camel tours in Egypt, Riding a camel in Egypt

Camel riding in Egypt.

[dropcap bg=”#2da5da” color=”#ffffff”]B[/dropcap]ack in 2005 when I visited Egypt people told me that I must go on a camel ride. They said there is more to Egypt than Pyramids and sand. I decided to take them up on that and see what it is like to ride on a camel in the desert.

Close to the Giza Pyramids are many camel owners that are offering rides on their animals. It all sounded so adventurous but I was really not prepared for this camel. Thinking back,the camel ride was fine, the camel was not.They must have given me the smelliest camel ever! Not only was he smelly but he was also spitting!

Camel Riding in Egypt, Camel Riding, Riding a camel, Camel tours in Egypt, Riding a camel in Egypt
The pyramids make a beautiful backdrop for photos.

What does camel riding feel like?

The ride is quite wobbly and you have to hold on tight. You have an opportunity to admire the pyramids and the desert, while the owner is leading his camel.I left my camera with one of the other camel owners and he took the pictures while I enjoyed my first camel ride. The ride lasts about 20 minutes and climbing off is the scariest part, especially when the camel bends his front legs to sit down. I thought I was going to crash face first in the sand. I had a good giggle though.

Personally I think it looks more romantic on pictures than what it actually is. If I ever find myself in Egypt again I would not go for the traditional camel ride but would be looking for something more exotic like a camel ride to an oasis.

Camel Riding in Egypt, Camel Riding, Riding a camel, Camel tours in Egypt, Riding a camel in Egypt
A bumpy ride on a camel in Egypt.

While we were taking our tour of the desert, the camel driver asked me if I was married. He wanted to give my father 100 camels if I agreed to be his wife. I am still not sure if it was a compliment or a joke!

Tip: Always agree on the price first and remember that it is not compulsary to give a tip.

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