Cosmos Flowers in South Africa

Cosmos Flowers in South Africa.

Imagine oceans of pink, cerise and white wildflowers. They are known to brighten up any boring travel journey. I remember how we used to make my dad pull over to pick arms full of them. Sadly by the time we got home these gorgeous flowers were dead. Some things are better left untouched in nature. I have a very vivid memory of a little girl running in a pretty dress amongst these flowers. Happy as can be. Maybe it is not a childhood memory but a place where I go when I want to be happy.


It is believed that the seeds of the flowers originally came from Mexico and was brought in with bags of horse-feed for the English troops during the Anglo-Boer War. With this in mind it is no surprise that the roads lined with these cosmos flowers lead to many Anglo-Boer War memorials.

They can be found from late summer to late autumn. Due to its popularity a special route have been setup to view these beautiful flowers in bloom. It is called The Cosmos Route. On this route you will see towns like Secunda and Evander, rich in culture and history.

Painters love to paint these beautiful flowers and don´t be surprised to find an artist or two sitting amongst the flowers. They are graceful subjects and make magnificent paintings.

How to get here:
From Johannesburg or Pretoria, drive south west towards Secunda.

Best time to visit:
From late summer to late autumn, roughly February to April.

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  1. The colours are so beautiful! I can just imagine what it must look like in nature. Thank you for sharing!

  2. I have always loved the cosmos flower. They are so bright and vibrant and have a very unusual fragrance. They really take me back to my childhood days. Another flower that is close to my heart are corn flowers. Thank you Nelieta for sharing this. Beautiful

  3. What amazing flowers…I loved the pictures! They reminded me a bit of the fields of wildflowers we came across (my husband and I while we were dating) in Montana. I had never seen such beauty and was awestruck by the myriads of colors and hues that shaped the scenery and at that moment it was if I heard all of Creation singing out praises to God, the greatest artist of all! At that moment I also knew, years before she'd come to the world, what I would name my daughter-her name was conceived in that field. Montana Skye. After the most beautiful place I had been to.Great post! 🙂

  4. hi neilieta, we do have these flowers in malaysia- yellow, purple and red. blooms all year roud. your pics are so pretty sweet. you may want to get to know a great cartooon blog, come vivit my first guest post).. happy travelling

  5. Thanks for sharing this beauty…Now I know why you liked the poem 'Wildflowers' on my blog 😉

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