Desert Explorers offer quad excursions that is a real adrenaline rush

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A memorable experience in Swakopmund with Desert Explorers.

Desert Explorers offers a variety of tours for the adrenaline junkie. Our quad bike experience in Swakopmund was an incredible experience and one that we can recommend to travelers. One of the best ways to explore the desert is to take either a 4×4 trip or the ATV rides. The scenery is breathtaking and you see things that you normally would not see.

We had a friendly guide, knowledgeable and he made sure that we had a great time.

Safety comes first with Desert Explorers.

We did not book the tour through a hotel or travel agency. We popped into the office and had a look at the different packages that they offered and decided on the ATV ride, sand boarding, and seal tours. They organized everything for us.

Quad bikes can be dangerous if you have never been on one and safety is important. Our guide explained everything to us and we were provided with helmets. Take a pair of sunglasses and a jacket. The desert is not as hot as you think and it can cool down rapidly.

Our ATV experience in the Namib desert and what to see.

I am familiar with quads but Monica not. We had a wonderful guide, who allowed us to proceed at our own pace. Some places I could go faster and even tried to make turns on dunes but I got scared and abandoned that idea! Swooping around the curves is a real adrenaline rush! Truth is, you get too comfortable too quickly on the quads and always want to go faster. This is not a very good idea.

Our guide showed us the fauna and flora. We passed a horse grave, that I wrote about. The most remarkable is the endless dunes. I never thought dunes could be beautiful but I am mistaken.  The best time is in the afternoon and you see places that you will not be able to see on foot.

We returned to the base tired, dirty and content. Take a peek at the Wall of Fame where you can see photos of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, to name a few.

Where to find Desert Explorers in Swakopmund?

Adress: Erf 1058 Nathaniel Maxuili.

Contact Number: +264 64 406 096

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