Destinations In Australia – 5 Most Enjoyable

Australia, Australian Visa, Sydney travel destination,Destinations in Australia;

5 Most Enjoyable Destinations In Australia.

Australia has some of best escape destinations to refresh your mind from the daily routine chores. Australia has a perfect mix of historical, cultural and natural scenes that have put most tourists on the run to Australia. This article therefore shall simplify for you the best destinations for you to consider in your next outing to Australia.


Sydney is one must visit destination in Australia. It harbours a number of attractions ranging from a well laid back beach life to the world class metropolis. Opera House located at Sydney is one most outstanding attraction that is known worldwide. Most of the world performances are conducted here and you won’t miss one on the day of your visit. A trip to Australia without going to Sydney’s Opera House is no trip. Taronga zoo located at Sydney harbours a good number of animals some of which are endangered. Moreover, the beach lifestyle is no exceptional. Beach activities such as yachting, kayaking among others are common here. Ideally Sydney has the best for everyone that goes there.

Australia, Australian Visa, Sydney travel destination,Destinations in Australia;
Nature lovers will love the abundance of wildlife in Australia. Photo courtesy: Jane Roberts

The Byron Bay.

This is located in the New South Wales south of the Queensland. It is both a favourite holiday spot and an ultimate tourist attraction site The Lighthouse situated at this place is extremely amazing especially at breath-taking sunset. Ranges of music performances do take place at this place where you will meet both the local and international musicians. A There are number activities to indulge in including scuba diving, surfing, and other water sporting activities. Byron Bay is one must visit destination in Australia.

The Great Barrier Reef.

It is with no doubt that Great Barrier Reef is among the must visit destinations of Australia. It is one of the world stunning natural wonders. It is well known for its sheer size and diverse life thrilling adventures that have become the best attraction to most of the tourists. You will require two to three days to explore the whole reef and its attractions. It offers the best lifetime experience you will ever have.

Daintree Rainforest.

Are you a lover of nature? Then this is with no doubt your place. It is located to the Northern part of Queensland and 110 kilometres to the north of Cairns. It harbours up to 30% of the reptiles, frog and marsupials of Australia. It hosts up to 65% of the Australia’s butterfly and bat species and 20% of the bird species. Besides, there are quite a number of tourist attraction activities to do including Crocodile Boat tours and animal sanctuary visits. Ideally, Daintree Rainforest is both a tourist and nature lover destination.

The Grampians National Park.

It covers 1672 Kilometres and hosts stunning series of hikes sandstone ridges and numerous indigenous rocks. It is the township to the Halls Gap. It’s Grandeur and beauty is stunning to both the local and international visitors who come to this place. Grand National Park will make you feel the art of indigenous dream and long-time legend magic with what it offers. It is one must visit destinations in Australia. Be on your way to Australia this coming vacation. Start applying for your Australian visa and make your travel a memorable one there is a lot awaiting you.

Australia, Australian Visa, Sydney travel destination,Destinations in Australia;
Australia offers breathtaking scenery to tourists. Photo courtesy: Jane Roberts

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