Drinking tap water in Russia

Somebody posted a question recently on a forum:

“Is it safe to drink tap water in Russia?”

We never drank water from the tap and I haven`t seen any family members or friends who drank tap water either. In fact I was advised not to do so. We always bought bottled water or drank water from bore holes or free mineral water in designated places.

It is very easy to buy bottled water in Russia and can be bought at supermarkets,shops,kiosks,airports. It is not a problem to get hold of bottled water and many brands ara available with or without gas.

In fact, I haven`t visited many places in the world where I could drink water straight from the tap. Bottled water is not expensive in Russia and tastes very good.

My travel advice: Rather be safe than sorry. The last thing you want is a bad tummy when you are on holiday.

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Where: Russia
When: May,June,July and August 2012

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