Playing a game

We were enjoying a beautiful day at the beach in Pionersky, when I saw a group of young people forming a circle. I had my camera ready to take a couple of photos. It was quite a lot of commotion and laughter going on over there. Curiously I watched them. They held hands and positioned their feet in a specific way. Then they started to move in a circular motion.

From what I could gather, the way they were standing was very important. Sometimes things didn`t go too well and the circle broke up. Then they would start all over again. It was fun to watch them.

One of our friends saw my curiosity and explained to Andrey to explain to me (they don`t speak English) that this is a popular game being played on the beach and is called a `Human Twister`. Go figure! They sure were twisting each other by the looks of it!

The human twister
The human twister in action.


Where: Pionersky,Russia
When: 22 July 2012

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