Early bird catches the worm

Friends have told us that Russia will be playing a volleyball championship against Cuba today. Last night we checked availability on the Internet and to our surprise it said `Free entrance`. A lot of seats were available so we decided to nip out 30 minutes before the match started. We are living close to the sport stadium and a brisk walk would be good for us.

Many people were making their way to the stadium and I said to Andrey I hope we will still be able to get in. `No problem`, he said,`there are many seats available`. The familiar sound of a vuvuzela ringed in my ears and I hoped that I was not going to sit next to that man. Vuvuzelas drove us crazy during the soccer world cup 2010.

We joined the queue but as we started to make our way to the front we realized that everybody had tickets. I quickly removed myself from the queue and Andrey walked over to a policeman to enquire about the tickets. “Sorry but there are no more tickets available.” he said. We couldn’t believe it! As always we have waited far too long! We stood at the fence for 20 minutes with long faces, hoping that somebody would feel sorry for us, but no luck.

We missed out!

No other choice but to go home and watch the match on TV.

Early bird catches the worm and the rest have to sit and watch how he eats it!

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  1. Hello.
    I’m sorry you didn’t get to see the game live. Nice photos. I even like the one that you took of the game on the tv! LOL
    Hope the weather is behaving itself. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Andy,we were very sad. It seems like every time there is a sport event we are unlucky to see it. Maybe next time..LOL! It`s been raining most of the days 🙁

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