Getting left behind

I have mentioned on Facebook that we stood 4 hours in the bus in a traffic jam on Sunday. For obvious reasons, I was not impressed. Public transport can be a nightmare at times. What I didn`t tell people was what happened to poor Andrey.

Let me start from the beginning.

We were stuck inside this jam-packed bus without air-conditioner or ventilation. It was hot and humid and anybody who uses public transport would have sympathised with us. People started to get irritated, especially after a day on the beach and in the sun.

All of a sudden a huge thunderstorm broke loose and by now our bus was not moving. The windows started to steam up and people, who were already at boiling point, started to shout at the driver. He opened the doors of the bus and a cool breeze was blowing in.

Many people got out of the bus and jumped back in when it started to move. Cars stood parked next to the road. A BMW was parked next to the road and two men were helping the driver. They were holding an install guide and were obviously looking for the cause of the problem.

To get back to my story. I didn`t get out because I had a nice spot and I knew I would be losing my place. I asked Andrey to take a photo of the traffic jam in front of us. He got out again and took a photo. I saw him wondering off. The next moment the doors closed and the bus pulled away with a speed. Andrey and another guy was following the bus by foot, thinking that they would catch up quickly.

Instead of slowing down the bus kept on going! Andrey and the other guy started to run at a comfortable pace behind the bus but the bus kept on moving. I watched them through the window. At first it was funny but when the bus didn`t stop and I saw them running faster, I started to panic. I couldn`t tell the driver in Russian that my poor husband is chasing the bus and nobody else bothered to tell the driver.

Eventually they caught up with us when the bus got to a standstill. We both had a good laugh afterwards.

This was the last photo that Andrey took before the bus pulled away.

Where: Via Zelenogradsk on our way to Kaliningrad

When: 29 July 2012

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  1. That was alarming… well, Andrey’s such a good sport had it been another, I wonder how that person would react…

    All’s well that ends well, I guess…

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