Transport Kaliningrad Airport

Kaliningrad International Airport (Аэропорт Храброво) is 24 kilometres outside of the city. A modern highway links the city and the airport. It takes about 40 minutes to get to the airport.

Khrabrovo Airport,Kaliningrad Airport,Aэропорт Храбровo
Kaliningrad International Airport

There are two options to get into the city from the airport. A taxi service is available inside the terminal. They have fixed prices which vary between 250 and 400 Roubles. The cheaper option is the bus that runs to the main bus and train terminal in the city. Tickets can be bought inside the bus and a one way ticket is +- 40 Roubles per person.

Khrabrovo Airport,Kaliningrad Airport,Aэропорт Храбровo
Bus service to and from Kaliningrad Airport.

The bus is very comfortable and is equipped with air conditioner and a TV. There is ample space for luggage.

Khrabrovo Airport,Kaliningrad Airport,Aэропорт Храбровo,Transport Kaliningrad Airport
The bus is very luxury with ample of space

If you want to make your way to the airport then go to the main bus and train terminal in the city and use the bus service that goes to the Khrabrovo Airport. Tickets can be bought inside the bus.

We have used both the taxi service and the bus during our stay in Kaliningrad and didn`t have any problems.

When: May-August 2012

Where: Kaliningrad,Russia


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    1. It is a very comfortable bus Melissa with a lot of space for large suitcases. I don`t know why they always build airports so far away. It is a mission to get to them 🙂

    1. Hi, there are overnight trains running from Kaliningrad Main train terminal to Warsaw and Berlin but nothing from the airport. The airport is about 25kms out of the city. Also remember that trains runs on Moscow time. If you need more information please let me know and I will see if I can help you.

      1. hello
        thank you,
        so i have to go from the airport to the train station,then bay a ticket from there or there is a special place for that? can i bay the ticket online?
        and what i can need to go from Kaliningrad to Warsaw then to Berlin? do they ask for any document
        at the borders of Poland and Germany?because i have just the French resident and the visa of Russia.
        thenk you for halping

  1. Hi, I suggest you take this bus directly to the main bus terminal. The train terminal is just behind it. From there you can go and buy your ticket. As far as I know there are on-line agencies that you can use but they charge commission but maybe it will be easier for you. I will find the information and post the link here for you,ok? If you are travelling with a Schengen Visa or EU Passport then you shouldn`t have a problem. You will only need your Russian visa. If you are planning to get back into Russia you will need a multiple entry visa. No problem and it is a pleasure to help.

  2. hello
    ok!thenk you
    i don’t have a schengen visa,but i have a visa of russia and just a identiti cart of frence.
    as more information i am from Algeria and i will go to turkey for a visit then to kaliningrad and if it is posseble i want to visit poland and germany.i am traveling by my self.
    is English language use there in kaliningrad by peaple? because i don’t knwo russen i am traing to learn some words.and if it is possible can i meet you in kaliningrad if you can,i think that i will need some help or just by phone if that’s be good for you.
    thenk you againe for your halp,you realy give me information more then google 🙂
    thenk you.

    1. You will definitely need a Schengen visa for Poland. I travelled there in 2008 on my way to Kaliningrad and visa was required. Also when you book your train ticket they will ask to see your Visa. Please make sure you have this in order because they will drop you off at the border if your documents and visas are not in order. This is no joke. If you are not staying in Poland then you will need a transit visa.

      Unfortunately I am not in Kaliningrad any more.We just returned from a 3 month visit 🙂 You might have a slight problem with the English but I am sure you will find somebody to help you. Some bus drivers can be very rude but don`t let it bother you. The airport also has people who can speak English. If you can learn the Russian alphabet. It will really help you a lot.

      Glad to be able to help you and I hope you will have a safe trip to Russia!

      1. hello
        thenk you for this informations.
        i will try to do some thing when i will be there,
        i just want to know how it will take time from kaliningrad to warsaw?and from kaliningrad to germany?and how many town the traine will pass from kaliningrad to Braniewo (poland)
        and howtime it will taks.
        do you have photos of the traine ?is it canfurteble?if you have some photos or a video inside the traine it will be good .
        thank you.

        1. I am really not sure. We have taken the bus from Warsaw to Kaliningrad in 2008 and the train from St. Petersburg to Moscow. Would love to help you with this information but I don`t have it 🙁

          1. hello
            no you give me many information’s that’ i need to know.
            and I have another qouation,can i bay a ticket from kaliningrad to mininova ? and do they change the train before they cross the borders to Poland?i mean when the train arrived near to cross the border they change the train with another and the passengers get down from the Russian train and go to the Poland train.
            thank you 🙂

          2. Hi there, I found this site for you on the Internet that might help you. It looks like trains leave on a daily basis to Warsaw. I am not sure about the train changes but it looks like you might change. I couldn`t find this destination but maybe you could send them an email. You can be sure to have a Visa and passport check at each and every border crossing, That is normal and standard procedure.

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