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Grupo la Plaza,Empresa Grupo Plaza,Grupo Plaza Retiro

transport from buenos aires to pinamar

There are a number of bus companies that transfer passengers from Buenos Aires Capital to Pinamar on a daily basis. Bus companies are: Plusmar,Rapido Argentino y Plaza. Travel time from Buenos Aires, Retiro, is between 4 1/2 to 6 hours,depending on the bus company.

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I decided to take Grupo Plaza to Pinamar.  Tickets were +- 205 pesos and you can check prices and availability on Plataforma10. Travel time was 5 hours and the bus departed on time.

Grupo Plaza,Transport to Pinamar,Grupo la Plaza,Empresa Grupo Plaza,Grupo Plaza Retiro
Grupo Plaza long distance Bus

The ride was very comfortable and like most long distance buses in Argentina equipped with a DVD to watch movies. We also got served a small box with snacks and a bottle of water.

Grupo Plaza,Transport to Pinamar,Grupo la Plaza,Empresa Grupo Plaza,Grupo Plaza Retiro

It is a beautiful and scenic route to Pinamar and many farms can be seen along the way. Coming from the Cordoba province with many mountains and hills, I was surprised to see such a flat piece of land.

Grupo Plaza departs from Retiro in Buenos Aires and makes two stops in the city before it leaves on the highway for Pinamar. The highway is new and the roads in a very good condition.

I can recommend Grupo Plaza Empresa to any traveller who wants to travel to Pinamar or Villa Gesel. Interesting to note when I planned my trip to Pinamar I was reading about a train service that runs there. I couldn`t find concrete information and decided to sent a message to the train company in Argentina. They responded quickly and informed me that the train is no longer running to Pinamar. It is a pity that the train is not operating anymore.

Where: Buenos Aires to Pinamar

When: 26 March 2012

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