Handmade candles in Thailand

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Handmade Candles in Thailand.

Walking through the markets in Thailand, I noticed many beautiful handmade candles. Some were Aromatherapy scented candles and others were floating candles. There were even designer candles! I never knew that Thai people loved candles so much.

The ones I saw in the markets were very delicate and came in a variety of colors and flower designs like the Frangipani, Rose or Lotus. I have written previously about the important role that flowers play in the lives of the Thai people. Why not carve flower candles? They are so pretty.

handmade candles, scented candles, aromatheraphy candles,thai candles,aromatherapy scents
Thai handmade candles in the market.

Thailand handmade candles and what they can be used for.

The handmade floating candles make perfect gifts and can also be used for all events and occasions. People use them in Spas, pools, vases, home decorations, weddings, romantic dinners and ponds.

They also vary in price. The ones that tourists buy in the markets are normally the cheaper ones and are mass produced.

Thai handmade designer candles.

The designer candles are more exclusives and all handmade with complex designs. These candles vary in price and can be very expensive because the emphasis is on exclusivity and quality.

These colorful candles look very beautiful and some of the cheaper ones I saw in the market even came in a lovely painted wooden box. They do make the ideal gift.

Benefits of aroma therapy and scented candles.

There are many benefits to using scented and aromatherapy candles. It is an alternative approach to help the mind, body and spirit relax by stimulating the senses.

Did you know that Rose scented candles has the ability to help a person relax? It can also help women to balance out their hormones and is known for it`s calming benefit.

Lavender for example has a soothing and relaxing effect. It helps to relieve stress, depression, anxiety and nervous disorders. It also treats headaches.

Where: Thailand

When: March 2013

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