Having someone to love – is a family.

The last couple of months we regularly got together with family and friends. Special times and memories that will stay with us forever. On Sunday we decided to get together as family. This was a special get-together in many ways. We are leaving on Saturday morning and this would probably be our last time together – all at one table, having a meal.

Russian Shaslik
Andrey and Misha starting the fire for our Shaslik.

Even though we laughed and joked, a sadness hung in the air. We all tried to avoid the subject of us leaving. I caught myself many times walking through the garden and trying to soak up each and every detail. I don`t want this time to end but on the other hand I also want to get back home and to my life in Argentina.

Mom in the kitchen.
Mom sitting in the kitchen.

Mom was very quiet and at first I thought she was only tired. Later on I realized it was so much more. What will she do when we are gone? For 3 months she saw us almost every day. We were a telephone call away. Now things will return to `normal` and all that we will have left is a mountain of photos and memories that fill every space in the heart.

I don`t know how I am going to say goodbye.

Our family
Quality family time.

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  1. I’m glad that you have shared that quality time with them. I remembered you asking about what is good in ‘goodbyes’… perhaps, the memories ~ these are things that could never be captured by the lens but only by the heart… perhaps, those moments where words were least important…and perhaps the space you’ve created for all of these wonderful people in your heart…

    1. So true Melissa! We shared incredible moments with them and I will always treasure it. It is very difficult to live far away from loved ones and it is even more difficult to say goodbye.

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