Moscow Domodedovo International Airport

Domodedovo Airport Moscow,Moscow Airport

Domodedovo Airport in Moscow.

Our flight will be arriving at Domodedovo Airport  in Moscow. This airport is totally new to me and I wanted to familiarize myself with some of the logistics before we depart. I am specifically interested in the Aeroexpress train that runs from the airport to Paveletsky Station  in the city.

At this stage I am not sure at which terminal we will be landing but from the map it is easy to see that both terminals have a central meeting point. The train terminal is located on the far side of the airport. It looks fairly easy.

Trains depart every 30 minutes. Service runs from 6 am until midnight.

Ticket cost: 320 rubles
Children aged 5 to 7: 100 rubles
Free for children under 5

Journey time: 40-50 minutes


Special rates apply to all routes:

  • “Family”: two adults + up to 3 children (age: under 12): 650 rubles.
  • “Welcomer/ Seer-Off”: 550 rubles. Rate is valid for one passenger, traveling to the airport and back during the day of purchase (until 12:00 AM)
  • “Subway”: 350 rubles (Aeroexpress ticket + 1 subway trip) or 380 rubles (Aeroexpress ticket + 2 subway trips)

Tickets are sold at ticket desks at the passenger terminal of Paveletskiy station. Ticket desks in Domodedovo International Airport are located in the right wing of the terminal.

Domodedovo Airport,Aeroexpress Train

I am looking forward to be using this service and I will give an update after we have used it and also include personal tips.

21 May 2012

We are currently at the Domodedovo Airport waiting for a flight. The airport is fairly easy to navigate with signs and announcements in English. Not all signs are in English but you will be able to get by. The 1st floor have departures and arrivals and the 2nd floor have a food court with Free Wi-Fi. There are no electricity points (not that I have seen anyway).

There are banks,security lockers and many restaurants where you can grab a bite to eat including an Italian restaurant.

Domodedovo Airport Moscow,Moscow Airport

I like the airport – it is visitor friendly with a lot of space and sunlight.

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