Hidden Pictures

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Hidden Pictures

What do you see? That is exactly what we were wondering when we saw the brightly colored wall with strange designs. “Hidden pictures”, our friend said. “Interesting”, I replied and walked over to the wall to see what is hidden `inside` these pictures. I didn`t see anything. Maybe they are pulling my leg and I stood back a little to watch them.

They put their noses right up the photo and then moved back and went forward again. This was fun I thought and took out my camera to take a couple of shots. To my surprise they all took it very serious and I decided to give it another try. I looked closely at the one picture until my eyes hurt and then I thought I saw something. “Look here,Andrey! It looks like a donkey.” He laughed and everybody came over to my photo and off course I was the only one who saw a donkey.

Hidden Pictures;Hidden Picture Games;Highlights hidden pictures;Find Hidden Objects;Hidden Objects Online
Our friends Yurik and Olga studying the photos.

famous hidden pictures

I came to the conclusion that people see what they want to see. I mean even poor Vincent van Gogh`s paintings have been scrutinized and people claim there are hidden images in some of his work. In 1889 Van Gogh painted a painting called “Wheat Field with Rain”. Some people say you can see a screaming lamb in the painting. I am not convinced and maybe they see what they want to see.

I must admit it is the ideal playground for children. The bright colours were so inviting. Soon more children came to have a look. I do think it develops the imagination. Maybe I wasn`t looking closely enough or maybe I just didn`t take the time to rekindle a part of my imagination that was lying dormant for some time.

Anyway we had fun with the hidden pictures and killed some time before we headed over to the rugby field to watch a match between Lithuania and Kaliningrad.

Where: Kaliningrad Theme Park, Russian Federation

When: 30 June 2012

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