Hostel Tamka – Warsaw, Poland.

Andrey and I had a nice stay in Hostel Tamka, Warsaw. I have seen on Tripadvisor that a lot of people gave this Hostel a bad rating and I cannot understand why. From what I understand people had bad experiences with unfriendly staff. We did not experience that at all. In fact we experienced the opposite. Andrey’s luggage went missing during his flight and they were very helpful in delivering messages and assisting with International calls.

Hostel Tamka,Warsaw Hostels,Cheap Hostels in Warsaw
Hostel Tamka Building

Andrey first stayed in a dorm for 3 nights until I arrived and then we moved to a private room for another 3 nights. The room was very basic, standard and hes said the foam mattress was really comfortable. It had 2 single beds, a cupboard and a small table. It was spacious. Each floor had a communal bathroom. The bathroom was always clean.

Hostel Tamka in Warsaw,Hostels in Warsaw,Cheap Hostels in Warsaw
The bathroom in Hostel Tamka

Hostel Tamka has a lovely kitchen. We cooked several nights and the kitchen was fully equipped, clean and spacious. I have not been to another hostel that had such a lovely kitchen. For me this is very important because people want to cook. It is too expensive to dine out every day.

Hostel Tamka in Warsaw,Hostels in Warsaw,Cheap Hostels in Warsaw
The kitchen in Hostel Tamka was very comfortable and cosy.

The lounge was comfortable with a big screen TV and a large selection of dvd’s. The dining room consisted out of small tables and chairs. Free internet was available. I do remember that the computers were not running on Windows. They used a strange operating system.

Hostel Tamka in Warsaw,Hostels in Warsaw,Cheap Hostels in Warsaw
Hostel Tamka has a comfortable lounge and common room area

The hostel is very centrally located. It is close to banks, pharmacies, supermarkets, restaurants and the post office. It is also close to the Chopin and National museums.

Where: Warsaw,Poland

When: March and May 2008

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