I am bored

One of the things I always need to guard against is boredom. Some people might say it is because I was born under the star sign of Gemini and others might say it is a restless mind. Either way, it is something that I have battled with since I was young. I need constant stimulation and a variety of activities to keep my mind occupied.

We have entered our third month in Russia and a pattern has developed. Andrey works at his Mom`s house during the week and I stay at home and do administration work and promotion for the hostel. I also have time to study photography, read and to get accustomed to life here.

Lately the weather has been terrible with rain every day. You cannot go out and you don`t want to stay inside. Tired of staying at home I decided to go with Andrey.

I left the computer at home and only took my camera and book reader.

Andrey quickly started to get his things organized. Today he needed to lay concrete which will form the foundation where the inside toilet will be. First we needed to buy cement and I enjoy walking with him. We get time to talk and  catch up with news.

The cement mix.

I decided to scout the garden for some interesting photos. Tulip season has ended and the garden is now filled with many different fruits. I walked and searched underneath bushes and found some Frambose berries. Strawberries are long gone and there are other fruit that I don`t know. I picked them fresh from the tree and enjoyed the sweet taste. No chemicals – all natural.

Fresh Frambose from my mother-in-law`s garden.

At the back of the garden I saw a beautiful flower. I really need to brush up on my knowledge of flowers because half of them I don`t know. This one had a dark-rich colour and I desperately tried to get a good shot but I couldn`t manoeuvre my way around the bushes. I was getting my camera ready to take a nice photo of the flower when I saw a movement out of the corner of my eye. It was a spider. Not just any spider but a brown recluse spider. I immediately told hubby to get one of those brown recluse spider traps from cleanertoday.I really don`t like spiders!

I saw a beautiful white flower and headed over there but the light wasn`t right and I couldn`t take a great shot. I was starting to get bored.

I looked for other interesting objects – found none.

Then I headed over to the chicken cage. I always call them and I find it interesting how they respond to my voice by turning the their heads. It amuses me and irritates Andrey. I often wonder if chickens are intelligent – I think not. I pushed my pocket camera through the barbed wire and snapped them.

The chicken cage.

Then I saw the cat. He was really obnoxious the first two months. He hissed at us and refused to come close. He is nothing like our gentle Maxie. Lately he started to behave differently and even come to us when you call him. I started to like him more. The weather changed and a soft rain was falling. Barsik, the cat, was hiding underneath a table. I followed him and started to photograph him. He was not impressed with me but also didn`t want to go out into the rain. He decided to glare at me and brace the click of the camera.

The cat hiding from me.

Then I saw another cat! The neighbours have a small black cat. He often sneaks into the garden and steal Barsik`s food. I picked him up and he was purring. He stomach was full and he sounded content. He was not afraid of the rain and jumped like a kangaroo between the vegetables. Barsik only looked at him.

I headed over to the green house and checked up on the tomatoes. Still green.

Fried green tomatoes!

“Can I help with anything?”, I asked Andrey.

“No, thank you”, he replied.

“Ok, ….I am bored”, I responded.


“Go clean Mom`s house a little”, he said.

“I don`t feel like it”, I replied.


He rattled of a list of things that I could do but nothing interested me. I slowly walked away and left him to continue his work.

Bugging Andrey!

I guess it is one of those days…..

Time to go home!

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  1. oh i do feel the same way about boredom sometimes, too! it’s difficult when you can’t find anything interesting to do hehe

    and how cute is that cat! and how he comes when you call on him! my cousin’s cat doesn’t like being called. she just wants attention lol

    1. Hi Irene, yes it is difficult if you cannot focus your mind. Jessica wrote a very interesting piece about it and one thing I learnt was, that you always have to live in the moment. Yes, he is a cutie but a little obnoxious..lol!

  2. Dear Nelieta,
    I think you are missing your routine in Argentina. Never mind…you’ll soon be back there!
    Nice photos. Wishing you well dear friend. Thanks for sharing.

    1. My dear Nelieta,
      Just stopping by again to let you know each week over at my blog, I select four followers as Featured Follower! Of The Week. Guess what? You have been featured!

    1. Hi Melissa, I guess it was one day where I had nothing to do and really felt bored 🙂 I enjoyed walking through the garden and taking these photos….as you can see I photographed anything to try and cure me of my boredom 🙂

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