Khrabrovo International Airport in Kaliningrad

Khrabrovo , Kaliningrad, Airport Kaliningrad, Аэропорт Храброво, Flights to Kaliningrad;

Khrabrovo International Airport in Kaliningrad.

Khrabrovo International Airport (Аэропорт Храброво) is situated 24 kilometers from Kaliningrad city. This is the only airport in Kaliningrad and parts of it are still being used by the Russian military.  Khrabrovo International Aiport has undergone intensive upgrades and renovations in the last couple of years. It is not a big airport so don’t expect too much.

The Aiport services the following Airlines: Aeroflot, State Transport Company “Russia”,  Belavia, S7, UTAir, Sky Express and other International carriers. Flights from Copenhagen are also accomodated here.

Khrabrovo International Airport, Khrabrovo , Kaliningrad, Airport Kaliningrad, Аэропорт Храброво,Flights to Kaliningrad;
Khrabrovo International airport under construction in 2012.

Khrabrovo Airport facilities.

There are a number of shops in the airport hall, and also in secure areas of Sectors B and C. Soft drinks, flowers, daily newspapers and magazines are for sale.You will also find a Chemist and grocery store on the 2nd floor.

WI-FI is available but not for free. You need to purchase a card at the sales office. The sales office is located on the ground floor of airport terminal. A bag-wrapping service is available on the ground floor.

Khrabrovo International Airport, Khrabrovo , Kaliningrad, Airport Kaliningrad, Аэропорт Храброво, Flights to Kaliningrad
Inside Khrabrovo Airport.

Transport services to and from Khrabrovo International Airport.

There is a regular bus between the airport and city. The bus line is No 138 and the travel time is 40 minutes. Taxis can be booked directly at the airport but they are more expensive than the bus. An airport bus run according to a schedule and if you need to be at the airport very early in the morning or late in the evening, then it is better to take a taxi. Most of the time they fix the prices before your travel and it is a lot quicker.



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