Milky Lane

Milky Lane in South Africa

I love ice cream..yes I do! So now wonder Milky Lane in South Africa is one of my favourite places to hang out. I remember how me and the girls used to go there over a weekend. We had kind of a ritual. First ice cream at Milky Lane and then movies. We had such fun.Let me tell you more about Milky Lane. This is an ice cream lovers paradise.

They have a huge variety of products. How does Waffles, Fruit smoothies, Double Thick Milkshakes, Chocolate Brownies, Muffins or pancakes sound? Still not what you are looking for? Maybe some cheesecake or speciality coffees? They also offer Trim Treats for people on diet or with diabetes. They even have kiddies menus. Having a birthday? Order a special Ice Cream Cake. Something here for everyone.

Another reason why I like Milky Lane is the colourful atmosphere. It sure does brighten up any dull day. The atmosphere is fun and inviting. The girls and I liked to order waffles. Now waffles come with 6 different sauces. We used to sample all of them.

A more colourful waffle was hard to find! Then we would taste the others food. Yes in our house it was the in thing to do. You had to taste the Milk shake, the waffle, the Spinner and then give your opinion.

When I visited South Africa last year my brother took us to the Milky Lane in Menlyn, Pretoria. We had a great time there and had the opportunity to relive those old memories and make new ones.

We had an awesome waiter and he couldn´t do enough for us. A special edition world cup mug came with my waffle. But I wanted to take one home for hubby. The negotiation process started. I told him that I wanted to go and show everyone in Argentina what a wonderful place Milky Lane is. After a lot of smooth talking he came back with another mug. My knight in shining armour!

Viva Milky Lane!  

Date travelled: 14 June 2010
Where: Menlyn Shopping centre, Pretoria, South Africa

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  1. One of my biggest weaknesses. One of them lolI love almost any kind and do not keep it in the house. My Phyllis can eat a couple of spoonfuls then put it away. Me? Not on your life lol Great postJim

  2. This has gotta be the most sinful post! And I mean that in the best possible way. :))Reminds me of Milky Way, a restaurant where my family usually had after-church lunch back in my childhood. They had the most delish milkshakes! This post made me miss it.

  3. Ice cream can be such a bonding experience when one is with their kids! I've found it to be too! Where we stay up at Cape Cod every summer is a short walk to the pier at the bay. One of our favorite family activities is to just go there and get ice cream than walk along the beach or along the docks afterwards.A great post! :)..and wow..they get pretty creative with their ice cream!

  4. Hi Nelieta – I'm an ice cream freak also and eat it almost often. All the photos of the deserts look wonderful but you're not going to believ…e when I tell you I am very fussy with ice cream. I don't like to experiment much and prefer less extras than an assortment. I actually prefer plain ice cream or a simple sundae (without nuts). I love nuts but prefer nuts without chocolate or other sweets. Guess what? I want ice cream now, lol. 😉

  5. i scream you scream we all scream for ice cream. Farr's better ice cream northern Utah voted the worlds best at the 1939 worlds fair. and it just a mile from my house. i think it the last of the old fashion ice cream parlors. over 2hundred flavors. i have had a taste of every one. my favorite is the moose tracks chocolate peanut butter and caramel in rich vanilla ice cream by i am out of to get some. thank you and god bless

  6. Can you believe that I absolutely cannot stand ice cream. I think it looks amazing and I'm sure if you like it then it's exquisite but for me I have to sadly pass and just eat the waffle x

  7. These pictures are pure torture. Aside from homemade cookies, Ice Cream is a weakness. I haven't seen fountain treats like these in ages. Jealous. I am going to go have a bowl of cheerios now and pretend. Thanks for the torture..

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  9. Hi Jessica that is such a wonderful thing to hear. I did the same in Gordons Bay where my parents live. There is a very nice ice cream shop right on the beach. We used to find excuses to go and walk on the beach! Thank you for bringing back a nice memory for me as well!

  10. Hi AJ, I am glad this sinful post brought back some nice childhood memories! You will not believe me but here in Argentina they don´t make milkshakes like how we know it. It is simply flavoured milk without the ice cream!What kinda milkshake is that I am asking you!

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