Project Brabham launched– Return to racing

Project Brabham; Brabham; F1; Motorsport; Formule 1 racing;

Iconic racing team Brabham back in action next year.

Great news awaits motorsport enthusiast! The return of the iconic and world-class racing team – Brabham! Brabham last competed in Formula 1 in 1992 and will be returning in 2015. They have a vision. They have a dream. To return to F1 in the near future and to win.

Project Brabham was launched to enable motorsport fans to buy a stake in the team. This will help fund a sustainable business. For the first time in motorsport history, fans will have an exclusive opportunity, to be part of the team. I will disclose more details later and how you can help in making a dream come true.

Project Brabham; Brabham; F1; Motorsport; Formule 1 racing;
A return to motorsport with an eye on F1. Photo courtesy of Brabham Team.

Where did it all start?

Brabham was founded in 1962. It was the brainchild of Sir Jack Brabham. He made history in 1966 when he won the drivers´ World Championship – in his own car. To this day he is the only man who can claim that title. Brabham racing car and team won again in 1967, 1981 and 1983. Racing runs in the blood of the Brabham family and all three his sons, have achieved their own global success. Grandsons Sam and Matthew are showing great potential and are carving a career for themselves in the motor racing industry.

Project Brabham; Brabham; F1; Motorsport; Formule 1 racing;
Brabham motorsport. photo courtesy of the Brabham team.

How does Project Brabham work?

The campaign started on 24 September and will close on 1 November 2014. Project Brabham is aiming to raise £250,000 GBP. They have 17 days left and have raised £191,981 GBP to date. How can you help and what benefits do you get? Let´s have a look at the different options.

[v_icon color=”#1e73be” size=”18px” target=”_blank” name=”moon-checkmark-3″] Gift Box delivery £50 GBP.

With Christmas around the corner this will make an ideal gift for a family member who is a fan of F1 and motorsport. The gift box contains high quality items including items signed by David Brabham. Please note that this gift box is for delivery in the UK only. There is an option to have an International delivery and this will cost 65 GBP.

[v_icon color=”#1e73be” size=”18px” target=”_blank” name=”moon-checkmark-3″] Become an official Brabham supporter and receive regular updates – £1 GPB.

[v_icon color=”#1e73be” size=”18px” target=”_blank” name=”moon-checkmark-3″] Brabham Fan access – £25 GBP.

A complete access to the Brabham- fan experience. You will receive a three year subscription to Brabham where you will be able to help shape Brabham racing´s early development. You also have the opportunity to contribute towards ideas for the race team.

[v_icon color=”#1e73be” size=”18px” target=”_blank” name=”moon-checkmark-3″] Do you want your name printed on the Brabham racing team car? Yes, it is possible with Project Brabham. An interactive 3D model will be emailed to you, where you can pick a location on the car. Not only will you be one of the original contributors, but you will also be making history. This for a mere £40 GBP!

[v_icon color=”#1e73be” size=”18px” target=”_blank” name=”moon-checkmark-3″] Brabham-Driver Access – £75 GBP. This is a subscription to the Brabham-Driver web application – the ultimate motorsport driver training web application.

[v_icon color=”#1e73be” size=”18px” target=”_blank” name=”moon-checkmark-3″] Brabham-Engineer Access Web Application – £100 GBP. If you are a trained engineer or if you simply want to learn more about the engineering side, then this is the application for you.

[v_icon color=”#1e73be” size=”18px” target=”_blank” name=”moon-checkmark-3″] Founder – £500 GBP.  As a Founder you will earn lifetime access to all three Brabham-Digital web applications. You will also become a Moderator on the forums with the title “Founder”. An exclusive pin badge to show your status is included and one “Golden” ticket to a major Brabham event such as the factory opening, team launch, car launch or testing session. Your photo will also be displayed on the factory wall.

[v_icon color=”#1e73be” size=”18px” target=”_blank” name=”moon-checkmark-3″] FIA WEC Hospitality Pit Pass – £2500 GBP.

[v_icon color=”#1e73be” size=”18px” target=”_blank” name=”moon-checkmark-3″] Le Mans Hospitality Pit Pass or the Le Mans Engineer Pit Pass- £5500 GBP.

[v_icon color=”#1e73be” size=”18px” target=”_blank” name=”moon-checkmark-3″] VIP Experience – £10,000 GBP. You and a friend will have an all-day, one-on-one session with David Brabham during a track at Silverstone.

There is so much more included in the packages above and I invite you to take  a look at the official Campaign page. Here you will be able to find something that suits your pocket.  Project Brabham also has an online shop where you can purchase beautiful T-shirts and caps

Help Project Brabham to create a new and exciting chapter in the motorsport history. Let´s help to make it happen.

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