Sankt Goar Top Tourist Attractions – Germany

Sankt Goar; St. Goar; Legend of Loreley; Burg Rheinfels; Cuckoo clocks

Top tourist attractions in Sankt Goar.

Sankt Goar is a picturesque little town close to the Rhein River.  I had the pleasure to get acquainted with this historical town on a Contiki tour a couple of years ago.

Sankt Goar; St. Goar; Legend of Loreley; Burg Rheinfels; Cuckoo clocks
A view of St. Goar from the top of Sankt Goarhaus.

The birth place of Loreley.

One of the things I couldn´t help to notice were the Loreley sculptures and statues. Do you know the legend of Loreley? Loreley was a mermaid and one day a fisherman from Sankt Goar caught her. His family in the Loreley-Haus raised her. By the way, this is the oldest house in Sankt Goar. She was often seen sitting next to the famous Loreley rock, where she brushed her long golden hair and singing her song.

Many of the ships that passed her, did not concentrate on the narrow Rhein river and lost their lives.

No wonder the Lorely-rock is one of the main tourist attractions in town. You will find the rock next to the St.Goarhausen, at the other bank of the Rhine river. Drive up to the Loreley rock and see how the ships navigate on this very dangerous part of the river.

Burg Rheinfels – The Castle of Sankt Goar.

The Castle of Sankt Goar dates back to 1245. Today it is a combination of ruins, museum and a modern 4-star hotel. Go inside the castle, or to the great terrace in front of the museum, where you have a beautiful view of the river. It is free of charge.

A train service, available from the youth hostel at the bottom, called the Burg Express, will take you through the town. You also have an opportunity to see parts of the historical town.

Sankt Goar, St. Goar, Legend of Loreley, Burg Rheinfels, Cuckoo clocks
A view of the Burg Rheinfels Castle.

Wine tasting in Sankt Goar.

The Stefan´s Wine and Christmas Paradise offer wine tasting to visitors. The vineyard is family-owned and they recommend to taste the strawberry brandy and Eiswein. You have to make a booking in advance.

A cruise on the Rhein River.

A trip to Sankt Goar is not complete without a cruise on the Rhein river. It is a great opportunity to view the castles and scenery from the boat. The boat travels very slow so don´t be in a rush. You cannot miss the dock to board the ship.

Snacks on board are very expensive so bring your own. You can also pickup a guide book in town before you depart.

Cuckoo clocks from Sankt Goar.

There is a lovely Cuckoo shop on the main street near the Rheinhotel. We went inside to have a look. The owner is very friendly and he has a great selection of cuckoo clocks. They ship clocks home if you wish.

Sankt Goar is a beautiful little town and you can easily spend two full days here. It is not a big town but there is plenty to see and do in two days. We stayed at Hotel Montag in town.

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