Secret bars in Buenos Aires

Secret bars, Speakeasies, Buenos Aires, Bars, Secret bar Buenos Aires;

The Secret Bars or Speakeasies in Buenos Aires.

Psst…did you know that there are secret bars in Buenos Aires? I have to whisper because we are not suppose to talk about them. They are the hottest new trend among young people and foreigners. What is a secret bar? A secret bar has no published address. More and more people are starting to discover these hidden gems and frankly, some of them are not so secret anymore. Nevertheless it is still a thrill to find them.

Secret bars, Speakeasies, Buenos Aires, Bars, Secret bar Buenos Aires;
Secret bars in Buenos Aires is the latest nightlife trend.

How to find a secret bar in Buenos Aires?

Most of the secret bars are in the Palermo area. They are normally located in quiet streets and a password is needed to enter the building. Maybe you enter through a telephone booth or a big black door. Who knows?

One of the most famous secret bars in Buenos Aires is Frank´s. Frank´s have raked in a ton of accolades including Best Bar in South America 2012. Frank´s has a weekly password and if you have it, you can get in. You can find a hint on their Facebook page if you are interested to go. Frank´s was one of the first hidden bars to open in the city but their glory days are over. They are well known now and many people complain that they have to wait far too long to get a drink.

Other Speakeasies in Buenos Aires that are not so easy to enter.

The Clubhouse is an exclusive club and drinks are very expensive. How do you get in? You become a member or you rent a guest room in one of the villas. The Clubhouse can be found on Costa Rica street in Palermo Soho.

The Harrison Speakeasy is the most recent and whispered about hidden bar in the city. When you enter through the secret door you walk straight into the 1920´s. They have delicious cocktails and the vibe is great. What makes this secret bar even more special, is the fact, that many people don´t know how to get in. Music is great and all kinds of music can be heard.

Why do people want to visit secret bars? I guess it is the thrill of finding something different that other people doesn´t know about. Many couldn´t care about the bar culture but for others, this provides an adventure.

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