Sky Express – Budget Airline in Russia

Sky Express Airline,Budget Airlines in Russia,авиабилеты, рейсы,SKY EXPRESS

Sky express budget airline

Sky Express is a budget Airline that operates in Russia. They have fixed routes to and from Moscow Vnukovo Airport.

Sky Express Airline,Budget Airlines in Russia,авиабилеты, рейсы,SKY EXPRESS

Andrey and I have used SkyExpress for the first time when we flew from Kaliningrad to Moscow and St. Petersburg. I have discovered the website by accident and loved the fact that it was in English.

It was very simple and convenient to use and I reserved and paid for our tickets online. I registered on the site and saved all my personal details as well as our initerary in case I needed to re print something.

They accept all major credit cards and debit cards and it was quick to make the payment and finalize the transaction. You can also pay at Sky Express offices.

The prices were very good and I was impressed with the airline. They operate a fleet of modern 737 planes. All meals and beverages on the plane are not included in the price and the have a menu available to choose from.
In addition, onboard the plane, you will be able to purchase pre-paid mobile phone cards, bank debit cards and travel insurance.

The flight attendents can also help to make hotel and restaurant reservations for you, and can reserve an airport taxi for you. You can pay for these services directly onboard. Amazing!

Sky Express Airline Destinations

Route 1: “Khrabrovo” Airport in Kaliningrad.

Route 2: “Pulkovo” Airport in St. Petersburg.

Route 3: Murmansk Airport in Murmansk.

Route 4: “Bolshoe Savino” Airport in Perm.

Route 5: International Airport “Koltsovo” in Ekaterinburg.

Route 6: International Airport “Roschino” in Tyumen.

Route 7: Airport “Baladino” in Chelyabinsk.

Route 8: International Airport “Ufa” in Ufa.

Route 9: “Rostov-on-Don” Airport in Rostov-on-Don.

Route 10: Airport “Pashkovsky” in Krasnodar.

Route 11: International Airport in Sochi.

Route 12: International Airport “Vityazevo” in Anapa.

Please visit their website for more information including route changes.

Where: Moscow,St.Petersburg and Kaliningrad

When: April 2008

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