Terminal in Colonia del Sacramento

If you are travelling by ferry from Colonia del Sacramento in Uruguay to Buenos Aires, Montevideo or Punto del Este then you will be leaving from the Terminal Puerto de Colonia.  It is a modern terminal and located a couple of blocks from the town centre.

Ferry Terminal in Colonia del Sacramento;Terminal Puerto de Colonia

Electronic check-in points are located inside the terminal but unfortunately they were not working when I was there and I manually checked-in at the counter.

Ferries are leaving at Uruguay time and there is a one hour difference between Argentina and Uruguay. Uruguay is one hour ahead of Argentina.

After you have checked-in and received your boarding pass you will proceed through the glass doors that is marked “Migraciones” to present yourself to the Immigration officials if you are leaving Uruguay. Make sure to have your passport ready as well as the immigration ticket that you were issued with when you arrived in Uruguay.

The International departure area has ample seating space, restaurant and restrooms.

Tip:  The companies Buquebus, Seacat and Colonia Express all depart from this terminal. You have to be at the terminal 1 1/2 hours before departure.

When: 15 November 2012

Where: Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay

Address:Vicente P. Garcia s/n, Colonia Del Sacramento, Colonia, Uruguay

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  1. una corrección importante: la Terminal no es Terminal de Buquebus…. este edificio tiene tres años y fue construido por la Administración Nacional de Puertos… o sea el Gobierno Uruguayo. Buquebús es uno de los operadores que usufructúan dicha terminal…..

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