Pinamar Argentina and the catch of the day

Pinamar in Argentina

Late afternoon and the sun was just starting to paint the sky in the softest pastel colours. I was making my way from the pier to the hostel when I saw a fishing boat being pulled from the water. Andrey told me that you can buy fresh fish on the beach and I was hoping to see the fishermen in action.

Fishing in Pinamar
The boat just came out of the water.

I was hanging around for a little while when I saw a father and his sons clearing a small table. Slowly I walked over and asked if I could take some photos. They were more than happy and I watched them as they skilfully started to clean the fish.

Fishing in Pinamar
Fish cleaning in progress.

If you have a weak stomach then this could be a little gross to watch. Personally I don`t like to see fish being cleaned but I wanted to capture this. Thinking about it now, I always ran away when fish had to be cleaned!

Fishing in Pinamar
Time to take the skin off.

They were each wearing one glove and it looked like a tough job. First of all they had to take the skin off and then remove the intestines and de-bone the fish . They worked very quickly and within a couple of minutes a bucket full of fish was ready to be sold.

Fishing in Pinamar
A sharp knife and patience is needed.

I was not the only curious one and people quickly lined up to see what they were doing. They were enquiring about prices and I knew all the fish would be gone soon. I really wanted to buy a fish and cook it at the hostel but suddenly I remembered that I left my money at the hostel….maybe next time!

Fishing in Pinamar
Crowds lining up to buy fresh fish.

Have you ever cleaned a fish?

Where: Pinamar,Argentina
When: 24 March 2012

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