The story of the empty frame

Tretyakov Gallery,Moscow Art Museum,Empty frame,Moscow,paintings,Thomas Crown Affair

We were walking through the museum when I saw an empty frame hanging on the wall. We were not allowed to take photos so I looked around and didn`t see any of the rude old ladies who liked to shout at me. I quickly took a photo! As you can see it is not totally in focus, but hey, who cares? I got my photo!

Tretyakov Gallery,Moscow Art Museum,Empty frame,Moscow,paintings,Thomas Crown Affair
Where is the painting?

Immediately I thought about the famous Mona Lisa painting that was stolen some years ago. Imagine the shock and horror when the people who work at the museum find an empty space on the wall or even an empty frame like this one.

My mind was racing and I thought about the Pierce Brosnan movie – The Thomas Crown Affair – where he liked to steal paintings as a hobby. Was this the case?

I am sure you are also considering all scenarios right now! So why was this frame empty? I honestly have no idea! My guess is that it went in for repairs but why leave the empty frame there? Maybe the frame is the piece of art. There I go again – another scenario!

Where: Tretyakov Gallery (Tretyakovskaya gallereya) in Moscow

When: 19 May 2012

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  1. Dear Nelieta,
    I’ve seen that movie with Pierce Brosnan a few times…it’s very enjoyable.
    The empty frame…has my mind going in all sorts of crazy directions…it’s one of those shots where many an interpretation can be made. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Dear Andy, what a great movie it is! I think I have watched it about 4 times 🙂 I also really like Pierce Brosnan! I agree, I love this many scenarios…so many possibilities. I have limited time with the upcoming Oktoberfest, but I promise I will pop in and read some of the posts. Take care my friend and have a wonderful week!

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