Mountain Bike Rally in Santa Rosa de Calamuchita

It is time for the annual Mountain Bike Rally in Santa Rosa de Calamuchita. We have been home for almost 3 weeks and this was the first event that I have attended. The August winds are keeping us indoors most of the time but on this day it was absolutely gorgeous weather. No wind,dust or cold – just a beautiful sunny day!

I was about to leave with the scooter when Andrey told me that I have to be careful. He had a small accident with the bike when we came back and `Poegie` as we call her, is not well. I was a little irritated because I had to run to get the public transport bus to take me in to the bus terminal. From there I had to catch another bus to the event.

Fortunately the neighbours saw me waiting at the bus stop and offered me a lift into town. I was so grateful! There are still kind people in the world.

I decided to walk to the event. It is a nice walk and I thoroughly enjoyed the lovely weather. As I got closer to the race I panicked because I saw people heading in the same direction than me. I must have missed it, I thought to myself.  Luckily I didn`t and these guys were also late.

I heard the wailing of sirens and the next moment bundles of cyclists started to speed past me. What a sight! A keen cyclist myself, it brought back nice memories when I was still cycling. Unfortunately, I don`t cycle any more.

94.7 Cycle Challenge,cycling
Back in the day – 94.7 kms

What a lovely sight! I was really impressed by all the cyclists who turned out for the event. The organizers of the race had nice prizes up for grabs too!

Mountain bike Rally in Santa Rosa de Calamuchita
The race has started, the fire brigade followed and people unpacked their picnic baskets.

Safety always a priority the cyclists started the race in groups. Three groups made it past me.

Mountain bike Rally in Santa Rosa de Calamuchita
The second group moving past me.

I loved to capture the intense concentration on the faces of some of the cyclists. Other guys got hungry early on in the race and stuffed their faces with bananas.

Mountain bike Rally in Santa Rosa de Calamuchita
Sheer concentration and some hungry cyclists.

I stayed a little longer and watched the guys and girls as they crossed the river and headed up the mountain. I loved every minute. A woman from Mendoza dashed in front of me to take a few photos.”I missed it, she said!”, I was busy cleaning my house.” She told me that she recently moved here and was enquiring if I was from Buenos Aires. We exchanged a few words and then she headed back home.

Not a bad idea, I thought to myself. Maybe I must take a walk back to the bus terminal.

On my way back I saw this couple sitting underneath a tree. They brought their bicycles too. Oh I am sure the last thing they had on their minds was the Mountain Bike Rally!

Mountain bike Rally in Santa Rosa de Calamuchita
A couple enjoying a romantic outing.

Where: Santa Rosa de Calamuchita – Argentina.
When: 2 September 2012.

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  1. My beautiful friend,
    First of all, I will leave the US and pick you up so you don’t have to wait on the bus (smile). Great pictures always!! You also looked great “back in the day”, as you called it (smile). Lastly, I am proud of you that you went on such a walk. Thanks for sharing my dear.

    1. Thank you so much Dear Andy! You are always so kind and it is a pleasure to read your comments! Have a great day my friend and I will see you soon over at Lover`s Cove. Hugs!!

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