AK Bars Airline

AK Bars Airline,AK Bars,Flight Moscow,Tatarstan Airlines,Kazan Airlines,Bugulma,Kaliningrad

AK Bars Airline in russia

AK Bars Airline (Ак Барс Аэро) also formerly known as Buguma Air Enterprise operates regional flights in Russia. They offer services in conjunction with Tatarstan Airlines and it`s main base is in Bugulma,Kazan. The airline has been around since 1953.

After a very bad experience with S7 Airlines, which resulted in us missing our flight and sleeping at Domodedovo Airport, we chose AK Bars Airline to fly us to Kaliningrad. They had very good prices and didn`t overcharge me as a foreigner.

AK Bars Airline,AK Bars,Flight Moscow,Tatarstan Airlines,Kazan Airlines,Bugulma,Kaliningrad
Our flight busy refueling for the flight to Kaliningrad

We booked our tickets directly at the airport and the lady at the counter was very helpful and friendly. In 2008 we had flown with Sky Express and I was expecting the same size airplane. Imagine my surprise when we boarded a very small airplane. It was so small that I felt claustrophobic. My poor husband who is very tall had almost no leg space and one of our small suitcases didn`t fit in the overhead compartment and we had to put it by our feet. Now I understand why the lady at the check-in counter had a problem with our carry-on luggage.

AK Bars Airline; AK Bars; Flight Moscow; Tatarstan Airlines; Kazan Airlines; Bugulma; Kaliningrad
Inside the cabin of AK Bars airplane.

Apart from the lack of space the flight went smoothly and we landed before the scheduled time. The flight service was good and I would choose AK Bars again.

tip for flying with ak bars airline

If you are flying with AK Bars please check the luggage allowance before time, especially if you had an International flight. The airplane is small and they do have luggage restrictions.

Where: Moscow to Kaliningrad, Russian Federation.

When: 22 May 2012.

Phone number: +7 800 333 23 43
Fax number: +7 85 594 5 70 04
E-mail: info@akbarsaero.ru
Web-site: www.akbarsaero.ru

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