Clouds and cloud formations from the aeroplane

Clouds,Cloud Formations,Clouds from an aeroplane

Today, clouds still fascinate me. I love the different shapes and sizes. They make spectacular sunsets and sunrises.

I remember as a child we used to lie on the grass and watch the clouds. They were so high but somehow it felt like I could reach out and touch them. I often wondered what it must feel like to be able to climb on one and drift away. Isn`t it wonderful to be a child, full of imagination?

We left Kaliningrad very early and as I sat in the aeroplane I saw the clouds from above. They looked like candy floss. I took out my camera and tried to saviour the moment. But like time, the clouds went past us so quickly.

Clouds from the aeroplane
Clouds from the aeroplane soon after take off.

More clouds appeared and these ones were puffy and fluffy. Almost like the ones I was telling you about when I was a child. I felt like touching them.

Clouds from the aeroplane
I wanted to touch them!

I took one last picture before I finally decided to make a short video clip. I really loved seeing the clouds from above. It took away some of the sadness that I felt.

Clouds,Cloud Formations,Clouds from an aeroplane
The view from the aeroplane as we were flying above the clouds.

On our way to Moscow.


Do you like clouds?

Date: 11 August 2012
Where: Leaving Kaliningrad,Russia

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