Lisbon Airport – Portugal

We recently had 2 stop overs at the Lisbon Airport. We didn`t check out of the airport and stayed in the International transit area.

Lisbon Aiport
Lots of windows overlooking the runway.

It is a very modern airport with lots of windows and places to sit. There are a couple of vending machines and one restaurant where we could buy something to eat and drink. I also saw a small pharmacy, currency exchange and souvenir shops.

Lisbon Aiport
Brightly coloured walls to make your wait enjoyable.
Lisbon Aiport
Lisbon Airport.

I found it very interesting that the restaurant in the first photo refused to take USD and only Euros. We didn`t have any Euro`s with us and the Currency exchange offered poor rates, so we got stuck for 8 hours at the airport without anything to eat or drink. On our return visit we made sure to take some Euros with us.

The airport didn`t have any free Wi-Fi and very few electricity points. Our last stop-over was 12 hours and luckily the seats were comfortable enough to get some sleep.

Verdict: Not the best Airport that I have visited but we survived 12 hours there.

Tip: When you arrive at the airport and have a connection flight read the signs carefully. The arrows are a little confusing.

When: May and August 2012

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