Ezeiza International Aiport (EZE) in Buenos Aires

Ezeiza International Airport, EZE, Buenos Aires Ezeiza International Airport, Ezeiza information;

Ezeiza International Airport in Buenos Aires.

Ezeiza International Airport is the main Airport in Argentina. Many International flights land here before you fly to other parts of the country. It is situated 35kms from Buenos Aires City. The airport has currently two terminals: A and B. They are walking distance from each other. If you are using a transfer company or taxi, they will ask you with which Airline you are flying and will drop you off at the correct Terminal.

Ezeiza International Airport, EZE, Buenos Aires Ezeiza International Airport, Ezeiza information;
Ground level of the Airport.

Parking space and Car Hire at Ezeiza International Airport.

The airport has parking spaces available in a multi-storey covered parking garage and an open-air parking lot, next to Terminal A. There is no distinction between long- and short-term parking at the airport. Spaces are subject to availability and reservations cannot be made. Please note that parking is very expensive.

There are four car hire companies at the airport: Alamo, Avis, Hertz and Localiza, located at the Terminal A Arrivals. You can also book a taxi at the airport or use Manuel Tiendo Leon. They are cheaper if you are travelling alone and is my preferred choice when travelling to and from Ezeiza.

Navigating Ezeiza International Airport.

Ezeiza international Airport is a large airport. It is the only international airport in Buenos Aires. What I like about the airport is the layout. It is not difficult to find what you are looking for,  example check-ins, arrivals and departures. The airport is marked clearly and you have Information centers everywhere where you can make inquiries. There are also a lot of officials on duty.

The check-in counters are on the bottom floor and on the left wing of the building. Big notice boards will indicate at which counter you need to check-in. The boarding area is at the top floor. You pass through security with your boarding pass and then you proceed to immigration.

There are various restaurants and coffee shops where you can drink or eat something while you wait for your flight. I find it strange that there is not enough places for people te sit. I would have expected more from such a big airport.

Ezeiza International Airport, EZE, Buenos Aires Ezeiza International Airport, Ezeiza information;
Shops inside the Airport.

Wi-Fi at Ezeiza International Airport.

The airport does not have free Wi-Fi, which is a big disappointment for any traveler. Ezeisa has an internet shop which is quite expensive. They also have pay phones and you can make international calls. There are not many restaurants with WI-FI either.

Other Airport Facilities:

[v_icon color=”#1e73be” size=”18px” target=”_blank” name=”moon-checkmark-circle-2″] Money Exchange and Banks:

Facilities include several bureaux de change in both terminals and ATMs in Terminal A. There is a 24-hour bank in the Terminal A Arrivals area. Telephone and Internet access is available in Terminal A Departures and Terminal B Arrivals.

[v_icon color=”#1e73be” size=”18px” target=”_blank” name=”moon-checkmark-circle-2″] Mobile phone hire:
Mobile phone hire and services are available in Terminal A Arrivals and Departures.

[v_icon color=”#1e73be” size=”18px” target=”_blank” name=”moon-checkmark-circle-2″] Eating and drinking:
There are several restaurants, cafes and bars. A McDonalds is also situated on the ground floor.

[v_icon color=”#1e73be” size=”18px” target=”_blank” name=”moon-checkmark-circle-2″] Shopping:
There are several shops at the airport. Duty-free is available in Terminal A and B Departures, and in Terminal A Arrivals. There are gift and book shops and places where you can buy colddrinks etc.

[v_icon color=”#1e73be” size=”18px” target=”_blank” name=”moon-checkmark-circle-2″] Luggage Storage:
The left-luggage service is located next to the information desk on the ground floor of Terminal A and in Terminal A Departures. Lockers are available in Terminal A Arrivals. Lost property is handled by the National Aeronautical Police. Trolleys are available for a fee. Baggage wrapping services are located throughout the terminals.

[v_icon color=”#1e73be” size=”18px” target=”_blank” name=”moon-checkmark-circle-2″] Other facilities:
There are pharmacies in both terminals, and a medical service centre in Terminal A. The airport has a couple of bathrooms and I also liked the fact that the toilet was big enough to enter with my suitcase. The airport is very clean and with enough light.

[v_icon color=”#dd3333″ size=”18px” target=”_blank” name=”moon-office”]  Autopista Tte Gral. Ricchieri Km 33,5, 1802 Ezeiza, Buenos Aires.

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