Macaneta Beach Mozambique

Macaneta Beach, Macaneta Mozambique,Mozambique Macaneta,Holidays in Mozambique;;

Macaneta beach in Mozambique.

Macaneta is a beautiful unspoilt beach about an hour drive from Maputo. It is a very quiet little village with beautiful sandy-white beaches. They stretch as far as the eye can see. Year after year people are trying to find quiet vacation spots, where they can relax and escape from the cities. Macaneta beach is one of them.

Macaneta Beach, Macaneta Mozambique,Mozambique Macaneta,Holidays in Mozambique;;
Beautiful sandy-white beaches.

You need a 4×4 vehicle to get to the beach. First you need to cross over the Nkomati River with a ferry. We found the ferry ride very interesting and it takes about 5 minutes. From there you take a 10 kilometre sand track. It can get very muddy especially when it is raining.

Macaneta Beach, Macaneta Mozambique,Mozambique Macaneta,Holidays in Mozambique;;
Transport system accross the river.

Macaneta Beach is safe and clean.

It is one of the safest beaches in Mozambique. The water of the Indian Ocean is warm and a beautiful blue colour. The beach was extremely clean when we were there. There are holiday houses or chalets available to rent and they are practically on the beach! There are also camping sites close to the village.

Macaneta Beach, Macaneta Mozambique,Mozambique Macaneta,Holidays in Mozambique;;
Bungalows on the beach in Macaneta.

At the entrance to the village is a restaurant with the best seafood I have ever had in my life! This place must be a fisherman’s paradise! It is not a fancy restaurant but I cannot rave enough about the good seafood.

Macaneta Beach, Macaneta Mozambique,Mozambique Macaneta,Holidays in Mozambique;;
Macaneta Beach – A fun day!

It is a very small village so don’t expect much. It is the ideal place to enjoy nature, soft sand and warm water. We spend a lovely day there and we had the beach and the waves all to ourselves!

Macaneta Beach Mozambique
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  1. I have to thank you for such a wonderful picture. Having had a hard day working as a fitness instructor you have allowed me to imagine myself lying on this beautiful beach, feeling warm, contented and happy, totally relaxed, and at ease. This picture brought all my senses alive enabling me to hear the waves, smell the ocean spray and feel the sun against my skin. Keep stimulating us Nelieta, and thank you.

  2. We've been on South Africa's beaches further south jut below the border with Moz, and they were similarly undeveloped and stunning as your pics show.

  3. The pictures are beautiful, Nelieta! I always like it when the sky is cerulean blue and brightly clear… They always make a perfect photography just like your photos here. I'm really longing for a beach getaway now!:)Thanks for sharing…

  4. Hi Debra, I like the oops! It happens to me a lot 🙂 Yes this beach is totally NOT commercial. But who knows what will happen in 10 years from now? More and more people are looking for these remote areas and they do get spoilt eventually and over crowded.Thank you for commenting!

  5. Hi Christina, thank you for popping in! Travelling opened a whole new world to me. I have learned so much and have seen so many interesting things. But most important I've discovered that little explorer inside me again, that I have lost along the way 🙂

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