Picking strawberries at Mooiberg Farm in Stellenbosch

Picking strawberries in Cape Town

Picking Strawberries at Mooiberg Farm

Don`t you just love the taste of strawberries?Strawberries and cream, strawberry pie, strawberry ice-cream, strawberry smoothie or a strawberry cocktail. In fact they are all delicious but nothing beats the taste of a fresh strawberry.

Mooiberg Farm in the Cape Province offers visitors a unique experience where you can pick your own strawberries. When you arrive at the farm you get a basket and then you can make your way to the strawberry plantation and have your pick.

If you are wondering what the word “Mooiberg” means. It is an Afrikaans word for “Pretty Mountain“.

The scenery is absolutely beautiful. The farm is nestled between Stellenbosch and Somerset-West in the Mooiberge. This is the perfect place to relax away from the city life and enjoy the breathtaking view of the mountains.

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Scarecrows are scattered throughout the plantation but I am not sure if they are actually doing a job by scaring the birds away. They look far too pretty!

Strawberries,Mooiberge Strawberry Farm,Mooiberg Farm Stall,Strawberry Farms,Strawberry season


Strawberry picking is a nice outing for the whole family and especially younger ones enjoy it a lot. You are also allowed to taste some of the strawberries while you are busy picking. I remember when my girls were younger we often visited the strawberry farm. They enjoyed it a lot and so did I!

You can take your time and they don`t kick you out. I like that. You are charged per kilogram when you check out.

There is a lot of entertainment for the younger ones. In the parking area you will find the Mooiberg Popstars play area for children. Most of the time children are so tired after the strawberry picking that they give the play area a miss.

Strawberries,Mooiberge Strawberry Farm,Mooiberg Farm Stall,Strawberry Farms,Strawberry season

Tired parents can relax at the restaurant on the premises and order s refreshing drink or buy many of the strawberry products for sale like jam,fruits,cheese and even biltong.

Strawberries,Mooiberge Strawberry Farm,Mooiberg Farm Stall,Strawberry Farms,Strawberry season

Strawberry picking is seasonal and normally starts in November when the weather is perfect for being outdoors. I am not sure when the season ends, maybe until stock lasts!

Where: Mooiberg Farm Stall on the R44 between Stellenbosch and Somerset-West.
When: 22 December 2004

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