Township Tours in South Africa and information

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Township Tours are becoming very popular in South Africa especially amongst tourists. Various travel agencies in Johannesburg are offering highly competetive tours to customers.

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Traditional dances.

The most popular destinations are:

* Alexandra Township
* Sharpville Township
* Mandela Village
* Tembisa Township
* Soweto Township
* Olievenhoutsbosch Township

What exactly is a Township tour?

“A township tour is a fascinating journey into the history and future of South Africa.”

Alexandra Township Tour

This township is home to +- 450,000 people and is currently undergoing major development. Here you have an opportunity to walk around hostels that housed migrant workers, visit a traditional healer (Sangoma), shown heritage sites, churches, a still functioning Kings Movie theatre and Nelson Mandela’s original room.

You also have the opportunity to lunch at one of the jazz taverns.

The cost for this tour is R380pp with a minimum of 2 people.

Sharpville Township

I grew up not very far from this township. This township has played a major rule during the apartheid years and was described as a very rough neigbourhood where gangsters ruled.

On this tour visitors are show the townshop on a horse-cart. You will also be shown how they used to cook on a traditional coal-fired stove. Visitors will also have the opportunity to visit the dilapidated town hall where international jazz artists performed. The tour is closed off with a traditional meal at Nom’s kitchen after you had the opportunity to visit a local craft store.

The price is R350pp and the horse-cart ride is optional and not included in the price.

Mandela Village

This village is situated in Hammanskraal close to Pretoria. Visitors are greeted by traditional gumboot dancers at the Nelson Mandela statue. They are very good and quite entertaining! On this tour you will be visiting a Sangoma training school and Anglican scrapmetal church. This will highlight the diversity in this community.

The tour is closed of with a traditional Portuguese lunch.

The cost is R490 pp. This tour is offered in German and Dutch.

Tembisa Township

Tembisa is located close to OR Tambo International Airport. It is one of the largest townships in Johannesburg. Visitors are taken to the oldest house in the township and to the hostels where ethnic clashes prior to Apartheid took place.

Soweto Tonwship

Soweto Township is by far the most famous township in South Africa. It is also here where you will find the Hector Pietersen Museum, Regina Mundi Church and Credo Mutwa Village.

This tour lasts +- 4 hours and the tour starts at the Lebo’s backpackers Hostel close to the Soccer City stadium. This is not a walking tour, you will be cycling!

Visitors are taken to a local shebeen where you can taste local home-brewed beer.

The tour costs R250 pp and can be booked at the Hostel.

Olievenhoutsbosch Township

This settlement is only 10 years old and is situated 7km from Pretoria. This township was established when migrated people came to Johannesburg to look for work.

Visitors will be able to help out at a soup kitchen, visit local houses and tent churches. You will also be able to enjoy a meal with a local family. A traditional choir will entertain you. You also have the opportunity to visit an old-age home, school and hospice.

The price is R398 pp. The tour inlcudes a guide and is available in German and Dutch.

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