A review about Plusmar long distance bus in Argentina

Plusmar Bus; Plusmar Argentina; Long distance bus Argentina; Buses to Pinamar; Nelmitravel

Plusmar and long distance buses in general .

Recently I travelled with Plusmar from Buenos Aires to Pinamar and back. It was not an overnight bus but the journey took more than 5 hours. In the past I have written quite a lot of reviews about the transport system in Argentina – in particular the buses. Long distance buses in Argentina are very comfortable. Sadly over the years the prices have increased substancially and the service has declined.

I have found that some buses are not being maintained like it should. For example, windows leak or the airconditoner drips water. These things can be a big nuisance, especially when you spend more than 10 hours on a bus. Fortuntely I did not experience any problems on the Plusmar bus. In fact my journey was more comfortable with Plusmar, than my trip from Santa Rosa de Calamuchita to Buenos Aires with TUS.

Plusmar Bus; Plusmar Argentina; Long distance bus Argentina; Buses to Pinamar; Nelmitravel
Plusmar long distance bus.

Journey with Plusmar from Retiro to Pinamar and back.

Plusmar is one of the companies that offer frequent, daily trips to and from Pinamar. That is one of the reasons why I chose them in the first place. I booked my ticket directly from Plataforma 10 and printed my e-ticket at home. Buses were not leaving on time from Retiro. That is no fault on the part  of the bus company but due to roadworks that is currently taking place in the city. Our bus was delayed by almost 45 minutes.

The journey from Retiro to Pinamar does not offer seats that recline into beds. Seats however can recline sufficiently to have a comfortable ride. Pillows and blankets are not included. Neither are headphones and I do suggest you bring your own.

I always book on the upper level in front. When travelling alone,  I prefer to book a single seat that is right in front of the main window. Some people might argue that it is not safe to sit right in the front but I prefer to sit there as I am prone to travel sickness.

Food was not included on the bus although we did receive a snack box with a bottle of water. I recommend you bring your own food.

Review and conclusion about Plusmar long distance bus.

This was my first time travelling with Plusmar and I am impressed with their service. Our bus was new and clean. Drivers were professional and adhered to traffic rules and regulations. The Atlantic Coast route is very popular and you will not have any problems finding a bus especially when it is low season. Nelmitravel can recommend travelling with Plusmar.



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